The Garden of Rama

The Garden of Rama
Title: The Garden of Rama
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Series Number: 3
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ISBN: 9780553298178
ISBN13: 9780553298178
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Goodreads Rating: 3.79
Format: Paperback
In the spellbinding Arthur C. Clarke tradition, here is an exhilarating adventure into the hearts of both the Universe and mankind... By the twenty-third century Earth has already had two encounters with massive, mysterious robotic spacecraft from beyond our solar system--the incontestable proof of an alien technology that far exceeds our own. Now three human cosmonauts are trapped aboard a labyrinthine Raman vessel, where it will take all of their physical and mental resources to surviv. Only twelve years into their journey do these intrepid travelers learn their destination and face their ultimate challenge: a rendevous with a Raman base--and the unseen architects of their galactic home. The cosmonauts have given up family, friends, and possessions to live a new kind of life. But the answers that await them at the Raman Node will require an even greater sacrifice--if humanity is indeed ready to learn the awe-inspiring truth.

Dit boek, hoewel het zich afspeelt in een buitenaards ruimteschip, heeft veel parallelle met die van de Aarde. De vernietiging van leefomgevingen, onnodig geweld en en de opkomst van een autoritaire regime.
Het heeft veel van de klassieke SF gegevens. Mooi slot van de trilogie.

De verre Aarde
Het einde van het begin
Rendezvous with Rama1
2010: Odyssey Twee2

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