Miracle at Midway

Miracle at Midway
Title: Miracle at Midway
ISBN: 9780140068146
ISBN13: 9780140068146
Book URL: GoodReads.com
Goodreads Rating: 4.20
Format: Paperback
Here is the definitive history of the battle of Midway, an American victory that marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific during World War II. Told with the same stylistic flair and attention to detail as the bestselling At Dawn We Slept, Miracle at Midway brings together eyewitness accounts from the men who commanded and fought on both sides. The sweeping narrative takes readers into the thick of the action and shows exactly how American strategies and decisions led to the triumphant victory that paved the way for the defeat of Japan. "A stirring, even suspenseful narrative . . . The clearest and most complete account so far." (Newsday) "Something special among war histories . . . No other gives both sides of the battle in as detailed and telling a manner."(Chicago Sun-Times) "A gripping and convincing account." (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Auteur: Gordon W. Prange
ISBN: =”9780140068146″
Gem. Rating: 4.20
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