Title: Epicenter
Series Number: 2
ISBN: 9781684338825
ISBN13: 9781684338825
Book URL: GoodReads.com
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Format: e-book
Detective Jason Flynn of the L.A.P.D. is still reeling from the world-changing events he endured at the hands of the serial killer called Abel. He is scarred by run-ins with horrific killers, and his psyche can't take much more. However, a monotonous morning in the L.A. heat will quickly devolve into the worst day of his life. Tobin, a 13-year-old boy, unwittingly frees a hostage who was about to be executed by a brutal cartel. Jason is in the wrong place at the very wrong time, and he finds himself filling the role of protector as he evades cartel gunmen and ensures Tobin and the hostage get to safety. And on top of all that... the “Big One” hits. The worst earthquake in L.A. history ravages the city. Amid the chaos and ruin, Jason and his reluctant allies need to find a way to survive.

(English below)

ik heb dit boek gekregen via Librarything / Blak Rose WritingEarly Review program voor een review.

De detective Jason Flyn moet het in dit boek opnemen tegen twee drugskartels die het op zijn leven hebben voorzien. Op die van hem en die van de 13-jarige Tobin, die op het verkeerde moment op de verkeerde plaats was. Achtervolgt door de maffia van Los Angeles en de Japanse maffia zijn zij hun leven niet zeker.  Flyn doet zijn best om de jongen te beschermen maar de achtervolgers zitten hen op de hielen en richten een ware veldslag aan, Een veldslag in het midden van de stad die ook nog eens getroffen is door een van de zwaarste aardbevingen ooit.

Mooi geschreven, spannend. Zoals iemand al op Goodreads schreef, je zag zo Bruce Willis (Die Hard) in actie. Vele malen beschoten en mishandeld, maar toch steeds maar doorgaan.

Ik vond het prachtig, nu op zoek naar deel 1 (The Ten)


I received a copy of this book through Librarything’s Early Review program. Thanks to them and Black Rose Writing.

Detective Jason Flyn has to deal with two cartels who have it in for him. An for the 13-year old Tobin, who was on the wrong place at the wrong time.chased by the japanese mafia they are not sure of their lives. Flyn does what he can to save the boys life, but their persueders are close on there heels, and a massacre is left behind. All that in a city that was suffering from an earthquake.

it was a great read, I really loved it, and can’t wait to find the first part from the serie. The characters all felt so real and I could swear I saw Bruce Willis running there as Jason Flyn, beaten up and shoot at, but still doing his best.


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