And Time Stopped: Dimension 9

And Time Stopped
Title: And Time Stopped
Originele titel: And Time Stopped
Series Number: 3
ISBN13: 9781684339587
Book URL:
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Format: ebook
After a smooth jump to Dimension 9, Chase, Alyx, and chimera pup, Bo, discover that this world’s peaceful existence only extends as far as the local high school. A different kind of battle wages there, and the identity of the school bully is a surprise they never anticipated. When Chase decides they have no choice but to enroll at Dune Harbor High and repeat their senior year, Alyx is less than thrilled. But the two soon discover the influence just one person can have over the decisions, lives, and even deaths, of those around them. While they try to prevent one tragedy, another one unfolds even as Chase unravels one more piece of his family history. What he discovers will leave him reeling, and his life will never be the same.

I received a copy of this book from Black Rose Writing, Librarything and Bookfunnel in exchange for a review.

Chase and Alyx landed on yet another dimension. Bo, their Chemara from dimension 7 runs away from them, and when following him, they discover that Chase’s friend tries to kill himself by jumping from a bridge. Just in time they could rescue him, but when the police and ambulance arrives Mason claims that Chase was the one bullying him to jump. After being questioned about this they are send away from the police station.

Chase decided that it was a good idea to enroll in school again, but Alyx is against. Still they end up in high-school again, where they discover that someone is bullying Mason in a terrible way. This has gone on for years, without Mason daring to take action. Later they learn that the school-bully had many more victims to bully, but that his favorite was Mason.

During their one month stay in this dimension, Chase discovers that the schoolcounselor is in fact his father, and that he has a brother and sister in this dimension.

This book was a great read, and although I had read the previous part some years ago, I was quickly back in the  world of this books.  Someone told me that there was going to be a fourth book, so I guess I have to wait for it to become available. Also, going to look for the first part in the serie.



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